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Tuesday 13 February 2018

Are Canned Sardines Healthy for Your Body?

There are so many reasons of why you should eat sardines and the first one is because canned sardines healthy for your body. Sardine is maybe not first seafood that pops out from your mind when you want to eat some fish. Of course there are many other options and more popular like tuna or salmon especially in countries like USA or Japan. However, you will never regret having sardines once for a while especially if you want some varieties in your seafood menu.
Are canned sardines healthy for your body?
Sardines are often called as the healthiest fish and of course one of the most budget friendly seafood. In fact, sardine contains so many healthy nutrient which is good for your body and this is mean not only the omega-3 fatty acids but also other minerals and vitamins that available in this tiny oily fish.
We know that despite canned sardines healthy and good for your body, some people cannot stand it due to the strong taste and strong smell compared with other fish. However, there are many reasons of why you are going to love sardine and you might be more convinced after read below information.
1.      Macronutrients
A 3-ounce serving of Indonesia canned sardines healthy for your body since it already contains 21 grams of protein. Although it also contains 177 calories but it is important for your body to work properly and give energy. There are also 10 grams of fat which only about 1.3 grams is unhealthy saturated fat so that’s not a big issue. Meanwhile, sardines offer high level of omega-3 fatty acids about 835 mg per serving and that level is higher than the recommended minimum of 500 mg omega-3 each day by American Dietetic Association. This fats help to lower cardiovascular and heart diseases plus improve brain works and function. It also lowers your risk to get Alzheimer's disease.
2.      Minerals
Eating sardines are also a simple way to gain minerals needed for your body. A serving of sardine can offer 2.5 mg of iron, 325 mg of calcium, 417 mg of phosphorus, and other important minerals. Iron is useful to help form red blood cells to carry oxygen while calcium helps to keep your bones strong and healthy as well as keep your muscles to work properly. Moreover, the phosphorus is required to enhance and maximize your heart, kidneys, muscles, and nerves functions plus keep them healthier.
3.      Vitamins
A serving of sardine contains so many essential vitamins such as 0.2 mg of riboflavin, 164 IU of vitamin D, 7.6 micrograms of vitamin B12, and 4.5 mg of niacin. This is why we said canned sardines healthy nutrition is good for your body since the vitamin B12 helps to keep your brain work properly and form red blood cell plus DNA just like the iron. Furthermore, the niacin helps to improve body circulation and turning the food that you eat into energy. Riboflavin is required to form nervous system function and red blood cells. Last but not least is the vitamin D will improve your immune system and helps to absorb calcium so it can be used properly by your body.
In conclusion, you certainty NEED canned sardines once for awhile because our body cannot produce omega-3 and sometimes we need some variation in our foods. Sardines can be cooked with so many ways thus it can be served as tasty meals for you.
Although there are good and healthy for your body, however you still need to limit your consumption of sardine since they can be a high in sodium content. But, you do not need to be worried with the mercury content because unlike other bigger fishes such as tuna or salmon, sardine is a small fish that contain few mercury amounts. This is means that you can still eat sardines up to 12 ounces per week.
More reasons why you should love to eat sardines!
After you read the nutrition facts about sardines, then there is no doubt that canned sardines healthy for your body. If you still in doubt about why you should love to eat sardines then there are still so many reasons for you to eat this:
1.      Sardines are not bad for you
Just like we mentioned earlier, sardines are low in mercury because this fish is low in oceanic food chain. Mercury contamination is really lower than bigger predatory fish.
2.      Sardines are sustainably fished
Sardines are abundant in stock and they are also well managed. This is why sardines are categorized as one of the ‘Best Choices’ seafood by many people.
3.      The price is really affordable
If you want to have good and healthy seafood but with cheap price then pick sardines! In the market, sardines are sold in really affordable prices unlike tuna or salmon. Sardines are among the inexpensive seafood after all.
4.      They are taste like fish and very delicious!
Who said sardines are not delicious? They are sure very delicious! Moreover, sardines are taste like fish: they are oily, they are fishy but with nice smell, and they can be cooked into many tasty dishes.

5.      They are simple and really easy to be consumed
Of course canned sardines product is giving you a simple and easy consumption anytime and anywhere. You can eat sardine while camping as delicious sandwich or if you want healthier food then you can make a salad with sardine meat. The fresh sardines are also really simple to be prepared since their size is small.
Now, you know why you need to eat canned sardines healthy product by selecting good canned sardine brand in the market. Eat sardines are good for your healthy diet and if you really concerned with the mercury level of most fish then you do not need to worry when eating sardines.
You can find many healthy recipes with sardines as the main or side ingredients. If you never eat sardines before then we recommend you get sardines in oils instead of water, because the oils seem to improve the taste of the sardine fish. And most of grocery stores display canned sardines healthy product with other canned fish like tuna. You better buy them bulk to get cheaper prices, just saying.

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