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Tuesday 20 February 2018

Profile : Red Snapper Fish Wholesale - Info Red Snapper Nutrition and Snapper Fish Species

By On February 20, 2018
We are Red Snapper Fish Wholesale. We are  Ready Supply Red Snapper Fish  and  give many info about Red Snapper Nutrition and Snapper Fish Species. To be Red Snapper Fish Wholesale, we need many time and many Experience in Red Snapper Fish Supplier. Our Red Snapper Fish Wholesale can Supply Red Snapper Fish with many Quantity. Great Red Snapper Fish Wholesale can give many information about Custom, Rule, Shipping, etc to Export this Red Snapper Fish. 

There are 125 Snapper Fish Species. They are Red Snapper Fish, Gray Snapper, Yellowtail Snapper, Dog Snapper, etc. The Best Snapper Fish Species is Red Snapper Fish because Red Snapper Fish Species more famous and very delicious from other Snapper. Red Snapper also has great Meat Texture and Color. That Combination make Red Snapper Fish Species more famous than other Snapper.
Red Snapper Fish Species Also easy to farm and very easy to sell. The Red Snapper Nutrition is great from other Snapper. The Red Snapper Nutrition are Omega 3, Mineral and Vitamin. Red Snapper Nutrition from Omega 3 has many benefit for Human body especially for smooth the Blood Flow. The Red Snapper Nutrition from Omega 3 also Great for Brain Health especially for Kids. The Other Red Snapper Fish also has many benefit for Our Body.
Red Snapper Fish is one Great Snapper Choice because has many benefit and easy to sell. In Indonesia, Red Snapper Fish Wholesale is very much, but we need to find the best one. We are ready to Supply Red Snapper to Your Country. Indonesia is one mass production of Red Snapper because Indonesia has many ocean.
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Popular Snapper Fish Species List

By On February 20, 2018
There are actually around 125 snapper fish species inside the family, which mostly are live in the sea even though there are some species that live in brackish water. But those species that lives in the brackish water, will go to the fresh water area in search for food but then go back again to the brackish water where they live. The snappers can live in various oceans such as Atlantic, Pacific as well as Indian. The snappers are also very popular option for fishermen as some of them has high economy value especially the red snapper fish. Here are some of the fishes in this family.

Best Snapper Fish Species List1.      Yellowtail Snapper
This type of snapper fish is actually a tropical snapper fish species with colorful color and streamlined shape body. They have bluish color or olive color on the top part, then white color or silver color on the bottom part. Their length is around 2 feet or 1 foot and their weight can go to the 3 pounds and it is very rare to find one that has weight above 5 lbs. they live in tropical and some subtropical area in the coastal with around 10 until 300 feet in depth. Among all snapper species, this fish is considered the best one for eating.
2.      Gray snapper
This is one of the top fighter snapper fish species that you can find. That is why; they often hunt as game fish but they are also very good taste as food fish. Their age can exceed 25 years old, while their length can reach to 35 inches and their weight can reach to 25 lbs. However, for most fish caught their length is usually 18 inches and their weight is usually 10 lbs. Their body has gray or dark brown in color, and they have orange or red spots in the sides of their body that spread in rows.
3.      Red snapper
This fish is the most valuable species of snapper fish especially for commercial usage or for sport fish. It is also the most sought after snapper fish as it is the most expensive one among all snapper species. They are living in the reef at the bottom area with 60 feet until 400 feet depth. They will go around the reef by making school of red snapper fishes which all has similar sizing. In spring season, they will move around the more shallow area. The top part of their body is golden or darker red in color while the bottom part of their body is golden or lighter red in color with white color on the edge of their scales.
4.      Dog snapper
This is the largest snapper fish species that you can find. And they can weight around 80 lbs with wide body shape with light red until deep red in color on the top part then silver in color on the bottom part. They also have very large teeth on the canine part with 2 in their top jaw then another 2 in their bottom jaw. One pair of those teeth can even be seen when you close their jaw. Because of that, the fish has very fierce appearance that make them looked like a dog. This is why; they have dog as their common name.
5.      Schoolmaster snapper
This snapper fish has more robust body type which slightly compressed to be moderate deep shape. Their head is pointy and their mouth is large and their color is varied from bronze to more silvery in color. Meanwhile the color of their fin as well as the tail part is more of yellow in color. They also have some stripes in their snout part with blue color. They can have as big as 8 pounds in weight and their length can grow as long as 24 inches even though they are more commonly found in 35 cm in length. They often move in school consist of dozen of fishes at once.
6.      Blackfin snapper
This is one of the snapper fish species with medium size that can grow up to 66 cm in length even though they are more commonly found in 55 cm in length. Their body is more moderately compressed in shape. They have orange or scarlet orange color on their upper part and their back part of their body. And then reddish to silvery color on their bottom part and belly. Their eyes has golden yellow to yellow color iris. They have large size black dot in the base of their body as well as the axil of their pectoral fin.
7.      Lane snapper
This snapper is also marine fish which can be found on the reef area in the clear water or turbid region that can be found near the coral reef. When they are in spawning season, then they can be found forming large size school. They commonly active at night in search for food which mostly consist of worms, shrimp, cephalopods, gastropods and shrimp that live in the bottom area of the reef. Their body shape is deep but their snout is pointy. They own two dorsal fins where their anal fin is more rounds but their pectoral fin is shorter while their caudal fins are shaped into more of forked shape.
8.      Cubera snapper
This fish has different body shape compared to the other snapper fish species as their body is more on the slender shaper which not as deep as the other snapper fish. The body has more of steel gray which rater silver in color toward darker brown color with some reddish color tinge. The color will be darker on the top part which will have purplish sheen.
Those are several popular snapper fish species that you should know as they are most popular type of fishes that you can find. Not only they are popular as food fish, but actually they are also popular as sport fish. Of course, after you caught one of them, then you can choose it to be various dishes that you want as their meat is also delicious.

Monday 19 February 2018

Oven Baked or Pan Fried Red Snapper Fish Recipe

By On February 19, 2018
There are a lot of red snapper fish recipe that you can try and make that is actually easy to follow but still gives good quality and delicious dish. Especially since the red snapper is actually a versatile food fish that you can use to make various dishes. You can try to cook the red snapper which is still in the whole fish form or to make it easier, and then you can always try to cook the red snapper fillet instead. So let us try and make some of the recipes here that are easy to make but give delicious taste.

Pan Fried Fillet Red Snapper Fish Recipe
-          Achiote oil 2 tbsp
-          Onion chopped finely 2 tbsp
-          Peppers green as well as red color chopped finely 2 tbsp
-          Tomato 1 small piece peel seed then chopped
-          Fresh cilantro 2 spring, add another spring for garnish
-          Bay leaf 1 piece
-          Pepper
-          Salt
-          Fresh corn cut them from the cobs 4 cups
-          Fish stock 1 cup
-          Evaporated milk ½ cup
-          Cornstarch 2 tsp
-          Water 1 tbsp
-          Butter 1 tbsp soften
-          Red snapper fillet, skin on 1 piece with 2 pound weight
-          Olive oil 4 tbsp
-          Coriander seeds toast then crushed use it to garnish
Sauce cooking direction:
1.      Turn on the stove and set it in medium setting.
2.      Take a large size saucepan then pour in the achiote oil and heat them up.
3.      Put inside the onions, tomato, bell peppers, garlic, chile peppers, cilantro, and bay leaf then season it using pepper as well as salt.
4.      Stir all of the ingredients for around 4 minutes long until they become tender.
5.      Add the corn as well as fish stock then cook them again for around six minutes.
6.      Take off the saucepan from the stove then let it sit to cool it down a little.
7.      Take a blender then pour in the ingredients from inside the saucepan.
8.      Blend the ingredient until smooth using high speed setting.
9.      Take a fine strainer and put it on top of the saucepan.
10.  Pour the now smooth sauce back to the saucepan.
11.  Pour in the milk.
12.  Turn on the stove in low setting, and warm the sauce.
13.  Take a small bowl, then put inside the cornstarch. Add the water to dilute it.
14.  Pour the cornstarch into the saucepan. Quickly stir them to mix.
15.  Take a whisk then put in the butter and quickly stir them to mix.
16.  Add more seasoning if necessary, cook it again for around 5 more minutes. Then let them in warm before usage.
Red snapper fish recipe cooking direction:
1.      Cut the red snapper fillet to be 4 pieces.
2.      Then season the snapper fillet using pepper and salt on all sides.
3.      Turn on the stove using high setting.
4.      Take large size non stick skillet and pour in some oil then heat it.
5.      After the oil is really hot, put inside the snapper fillet on the skin part down, and then cook it for around 3 minutes.
6.      Turn the snapper fillet to the other side then cook it again for around 2 more minutes.
7.      Take out from the skillet.
Serving direction:
1.      Take a medium dinner plates.
2.      Put the sauce in the middle of the plates.
3.      Put the snapper fillet on the top of the sauce.
4.      Add cilantro spring as well as coriander seeds to garnish it.
Oven Baked Whole Red Snapper Fish Recipe
-          Red snapper 1 whole fish with one pound weight cleaned thoroughly
-          Garlic 3 cloves minced
-          Jalapeno 1 minced
-          Black pepper
-          Salt
-          Butter 5 tbsp add 1 tbsp to grease the aluminum foil
-          Okra ¼ pound chopped
-          Bell pepper red 1 piece chopped
-          Fresh parsley chopped 2 tbsp
-          White wine 2 tbsp
Red snapper fish recipe cooking direction:
1.      Wash the whole snapper fish then pat dry using paper towel.
2.      Score each side of the snapper fish around 3 times.
3.      Take a small bowl, put inside jalapeno and garlic, stir to mix.
4.      Put inside the garlic mix into the snapper fish slits on each sides.
5.      Season it by rubbing pepper and salt into the snapper fish skin.
6.      Put the snapper fish inside the refrigerator and let it marinate for one night or at least 30 minutes.
7.      Turn on the stove using medium setting.
8.      Take a medium size skillet then put inside one tbsp of butter and melt.
9.      Put inside the bell pepper and okra then cook them for around 5 minutes until they are all tender.
10.  Turn on the oven to preheat it using 450 degree Fahrenheit setting.
11.  Take the fish out from the refrigerator then slit the center side of the belly.
12.  Put the bell pepper and okra along with parsley inside the slit.
13.  Take aluminum foil in rectangular shape then brush some butter on the entire surface.
14.  Take a baking sheet and put the aluminum foil on top.
15.  Put the snapper fish on the aluminum foil then add the rest of the butter on the top of the snapper fish and pour in the wine
16.  Seal close the aluminum foil and only let small opening for the steam escape.
17.  Put the baking sheet into the oven the bake it for around 10 or 15 minutes until the snapper fish is thoroughly cooked.
18.  Take out from the oven then served along with all of the juice inside the aluminum foil.
Those are some of the red snapper fish recipe that you can try to make. As you can see those recipes are very easy to follow. You can cook the red snapper fish still in whole fish or only the fillets. Both are equally delicious and easy to use so you do not need to worry and choose one that you like.

Sunday 18 February 2018

How Old Are Red Snapper Max Age

By On February 18, 2018
You might want to know how old are red snapper can grow especially in the natural habitat at Mexico gulf where they grow and live. This red snapper is actually very well known in the Mexico gulf area. Furthermore, there are various fishermen that catching this fish for commercial purpose or for recreational purpose. This is the reason why; you often see this fish as a food fish that served in various restaurant. However, inside the natural ecosystem, this fish can grow older and it can be one of the top predators in the area. And it is also known as iconic fish from the Mexico gulf area. Now, let us see more about the live of this fish which make it able to grow old. 

How Old Are Red Snapper When They Reproduce and Move?
You should know that the red snapper is actually very similar with other kind of snapper especially for the body shape. As it is similar with lane snappers, mangrove snappers, mutton snappers, as well as dog snappers which has slopped shaped body. The size of the scales on their body is also large to medium sizing. But the dorsal fin has more spiny shape and the body is laterally compressed.
Before you know how old are red snapper, the first thing that you should see is their teeth as they have is sharp which appear like needle but they are also short in length. However, they do not own any upper canine teeth which usually available on lane snappers, mangrove snappers, mutton snappers, as well as dog snappers.
For the length of their body, they usually already reach 39 cm by the time they are mature. Then when they have grown into adult, they may grow to be 60 cm but actually they can still grow until 100 cm length. For the weight, is varied based on their sizes, but according to the record noted, the largest weight is on 38 kilos.
How old are red snapper when the color of their body is very red? The color of this snapper is usually red especially the light red one. However, this color has even more redder part which located on their back. When they are still younger they would have black dots which can be found in the side part of their body which is located under part where their anterior is located in their dorsal soft ray. But these dots will slowly fade away when they grow older, which is why; most of the time you would not even notice it.
This fish is usually grown in area near the bottom part of the ocean which usually around 9 meters in deep to the 60 meters in deep. But in several occurrences, they might also be found in 90 meters deep. In this area, they will hide on the rocks which located near the bottom part of the ocean, ledge, and ridge even on the artificial items that is down inside the ocean such as oil rig or even shipwreck.
Then how old are red snapper? Actually the red snapper can grow very old even older than 50 years. In fact the oldest red snapper that is ever recorded is already reaching 100 years old. When the red snapper is growing to be mature and older, then they will choose different place to stay. Especially since they already grow bigger thus they will need even bigger place to hide and their food is also different.
But when they release the eggs out, then it will float into the surface of the water. Then it will later hatch after 24 hours. Because they are hatching in the area that is more open, then their habitat is in the benthic area. But once they are bigger, they will start to move to deeper area which usually also used as oyster bed that is located in the low reef area. Then after a year they will move again to intermediate habitat area which still located in the reef. The next year they will be bigger again, thus they will also move again to higher habitat area in the reef as that area has bigger place for larger size fish.
But how old are red snapper when they life in the oil platform habitat. In this habitat, the way that they life is a little bit different. The smaller size one wills life in upper area that is near with the water column meanwhile the larger one will life in deeper area. But the larger size fish would never let the smaller size fish to come into their area. Then the largest size fish will go out into the open area on the reef and spread out more as they left this habitat. But even when they life in open area, the red snapper will move around in large size school. They will swim all around the reef within school which consists of red snapper that has similar sizing.
Then how old are red snapper when they start to reproduce? Actually they already able to reproduce once they are mature enough which is around 2 years in age. But when they grow older, then the amount of eggs that they produce is more than the younger one. Thus most of the time, the older red snapper will release more eggs compared to the younger one. Even though all of the red snapper is already able to release by the time they reach 2 years in age.
Those are all information about the red snapper from the way they life when they are younger until they reach adult. They will also change their habitat when they reach adult since they need bigger area to life. Thus sometimes it is not really that difficult to know how old are red snapper that living in a specific area. Especially, since once they grow bigger they will move to other places. Thus the red snapper which available in an area is usually in the same age as they usually live in area that has similar size fish.

Is Red Snapper High In Mercury?

By On February 18, 2018
Is red snapper high in mercury? Before you eat red snapper maybe you are wondering whether this warm water fish is safe to be consumed especially when you concern about the level of mercury in many types of fish. It is true that fish contain some amount of mercury level due to contamination on the ocean. Mercury itself can be a dangerous substance when you over eating it thus it is better for you to limit the fish amount consumption.

Is red snapper high in mercury?
Just like many types of fish, the red snapper does contain mercury. It is because red snapper is categorized as predatory fish that like to eat other smaller fish in the ocean. For your information, most of the fish in the ocean contain some amount of mercury. When the snapper feed on these fish then the mercury inside them will be accumulated. That’s why the bigger the predatory fish are the higher the mercury level inside them. Some people even does not recommend for people to eat large predatory fish such as shark because it contains really high amount of mercury, even more than red snapper fish.
Is red snapper high in mercury? Yes snapper contain mercury; however it DOES NOT that high. The mercury levels of red snapper it still in moderate amount just like mercury level in albacore tuna. Although the snapper contain moderate amount of mercury, but you still need to limit your consumption especially for pregnant women or breastfeeding and children.
Yes, we understand that omega-3 fatty acid which you can find in the fish is really important for pregnant women and breastfeeding plus the children. The omega-3 fatty acids are really good for the baby development during pregnancy and it also contributes healthy substances for women in breastfeeding. Meanwhile, omega-3 that contains DHA and EPA are important for brain development in children.
But, these small numbers of group still need to limit their consumption of fish including red snapper and better avoid eating fish with high mercury level like shark, king mackerel, and swordfish. However, you can still eat red snapper not more than four times a week in moderate amount.
What is mercury in red snapper fish?
After you understand about the answer of is red snapper high in mercury then you also needs to know what is mercury and why you need to avoid eating too much this substances. First thing first, there is always a big concern from the FDA about mercury level in many fish. But, they still recommend people to eat more fish because of the omega-3 fatty acids. Pregnant women, women in breastfeeding, children, and women who planned to get pregnant also need to consume omega-3 fats. It is because the fats are really essential particularly for pregnant women, infant, and children development.
Since the red snapper do contain omega-3 fatty acids then it is good to eat them as well. However snapper offers moderate amount of mercury just like albacore fish and thus snapper should not be consumed more than 6 ounces per week and for kids less than that. For example, for young child, they can only consume about 2 to 3 ounces of fish each week.
What is mercury? Mercury is an element that can be found in the oceans, lakes, and streams. The mercury will turn into methylmercury, it is an neurotoxin which can be found in the fish in small amount. However when the mercury is in higher level, the methylmercury can turns into harmful toxic which can give negative effect for body nervous system. In addition, because of the high mercury level, there are four types of fish that better to be avoided during pregnancy. Fortunately, the red snapper only contain moderate amount of mercury level thus you can still eat the fish.
3 reasons of why you should not need to be worried with mercury in red snapper fish
Since you now understand that the mercury level in red snapper is not that high and they are still considered to be safe for consumption then you also need to know more reasons of why you should not need to be worried with mercury in red snapper fish.
1.      Red snapper contains selenium which can protect against mercury levels inside the fish
In red snapper there is a mineral called selenium which useful to protect the brain. You need to know that when the mercury meets this selenium, they will bind irreversibly. This is mean that the mercury is not going to be absorbed by the body. The selenium and mercury will bind together and form new substances which hard for the body to absorb. That’s why, the mercury level in your body is likely will not harm your body.
2.      The fish that has higher selenium than the mercury is safe to be consumed
If the fish contains more selenium substances than the mercury level inside it then you can assume that they are safe to be consumed. Just like we mentioned before, the selenium will bind the mercury substances and then it will keep the mercury to not be absorbed by the body. The best news is that red snapper fish is also considered to have high level of selenium than the mercury and thus the fish is safe to be eaten. In fact, aside red snapper, there are still so many fish types which fine to be consumed due to the high level of selenium including salmon, shellfish, grouper, and many more.
3.      The health benefits of eating red snapper is greater than the risk of mercury inside it
One more reason of why you should not be worried about the mercury level inside red snapper is because red snapper is one of the best resources of important minerals, protein, and vitamins. Not to mention it also contain omega-3 fatty acids that really important for your body. So, the health benefit of consuming red snapper is greater than the risk of mercury inside it.
Now, after you read the reasons of why it is fine to eat red snapper and the answer of is red snapper high in mercury, you can happily consume the fish.

Saturday 17 February 2018

Red Snapper Fish Suppliers

By On February 17, 2018
Red snapper fish suppliers offer high quality fish for wholesalers and retailers. The red snapper is a high valued fish thanks to the delicious taste and high market demand for export and import transaction. The snapper is warm water fish with various species available including the red snapper that become the most popular fish among any other types of snapper. The red snapper is the most common fish to be marketed for business such as restaurants and hotels as well.
Where red snappers fish suppliers deliver their products?
Frozen and fresh Red snapper fish suppliers usually get their fresh red snapper from the fishermen and then shipped them again to various wholesalers, retailers, and distributors. In addition, they also supply many businesses such as restaurants and hotel, they even delivers for occasions like parties or events. If you need fresh red snapper then you can also order for such fish suppliers both online and offline.
Usually, after the fishers caught the red snapper, the fish will be frozen on the boat and then shipped to the facilities. In there the red snapper will be cleaned and gutted out, some of them also cut into fillets and steaks. They sell it as frozen red snapper inside vacuum packaging. As for the fresh red snapper, the fishers will directly bring the freshest snapper fish to the fishmonger or other wholesalers.
The red snapper fish suppliers offer their products to various other sellers and customers including:
-          Retailers:
This retailer will sell the red snappers with various channels and distribution. The retailers will help selling the seafood and they will earn profits from it. Due to the high market demand of the red snapper, you can find many retailers available near your area. But, since they get the fish not from the first hand, their fish price is likely higher than you buy directly from the fishers or wholesalers.
-          Distributors:
It is the entity; they will buy the red snappers and then stores or resells them again to various retailers or to the end consumers. The distributors will provide the red snapper products information including guarantee if your fish does not arrive in good condition. This is why when you buy red snapper from distributors ask whether you will be able to give them the fish back if you receive snapper in bad condition and not according to your order.
-          Wholesalers:
The suppliers also distribute the fresh and frozen fish to various wholesalers. The wholesalers will store a great number of fish including the red snapper and then sell them back to the various industrial users including restaurants and hotels. They offer price lower than retailers because they can get the fish from the first hand.
The easiest way to get lower price red snapper fish is of course ordering from the wholesalers who have huge stock of seafood product. When you want to order large amount of red snapper in a bulk, you can search for frozen red snapper fish suppliers and they will ship the fish product to the destination.
Red snapper fish suppliers online shopping
The second option to get your hands on delicious red snapper is by online shopping. You can contact some seafood dealers with great services and already in the business for years. But before you order from them, remember to check several considerations including:
-          Make sure that the suppliers only sell you good grade of red snappers especially if you want to use it as your restaurant business.
-          Make sure that the suppliers sourced the red snapper fish from wild caught and not farmed red snapper. Wild caught fish is way healthier than farmed one, not to mention the amount of mercury and toxic from farmed fish is likely higher than the wild caught fish.
-          Make sure that the suppliers sourced the red snapper from sustainable fishermen who really care about the fishing method that safe for the environment. That’s why; ask before you order from them. Best red snapper fish suppliers who have good track record will provide you with such information. Even if you do not ask them since it will enhance their product and brand image.
-          Make sure they handle the red snapper in the right way especially if they sell frozen snapper fish. The quality of the frozen fish is depends on the how the suppliers handle them as well. It is including the way the sellers store and ship the frozen red snapper to the end customers. Just ensure that you receive the fish still in good condition because long shipping trip may harm or damage the red snapper.
It is always best to buy from local red snapper suppliers, however there is also nothing wrong if you want to go online shopping by import some goods like seafood from other countries including Indonesia.
Besides the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean, red snapper is abundant in stock in this country as well. In fact, many local fishermen from Indonesia like to distribute their fresh snapper to various other countries through distributors or wholesalers.
Indonesia red snapper is one of the best qualities of snapper fish which you can get. If you want to look for Indonesia red snapper fish suppliers then you can order from some trusted companies that deliver snapper fish to many countries such as America, Europe, Japan, South Korea, and many more.
Please take a note that when you import goods just like snapper fish from other countries like Indonesia, make sure that you already deal with the regulations. There are many documents you need to take care before you will be able to order from exporters. In addition, make sure that your country allowing such seafood products to be delivered to you.
When searching for trusted red snapper fish suppliers, remember to ask for some sample. If they cannot deliver you with a sample then ask other suppliers that willing to give you their product sample. You can send e-mails or contact them directly to ask for snapper fish sample.

Wednesday 14 February 2018

Red Snapper Fish Wholesale

By On February 14, 2018
Red snapper fish wholesale is a high quality fish that can be consumed by many people who love to eat seafood full of healthy nutrition. Red snapper is one of the most popular warm water fish with delicate white meat and firm flesh which respond well when cooked in so many ways. The snapper is caught and sold in commercially due to the high demand in the market. Besides the delicate texture, the snapper also have sweet with a mildly nutty flavor. It will be great when you grill the fish with additional simple seasonings.

Why you need to purchase red snapper fish wholesale?
Maybe you are more familiar with fish such as salmon and tuna; however there are red snapper fish which can be compared with those famous fish. The red snapper has deep red to pink skin and they can grow up to 35 pounds in weight. However, the red snapper fish wholesale at the market you mostly found on average only have 25 pounds more or less.
The red snapper fish sold in both fresh and frozen condition. They are cut into steaks and fillets as well. Buy the fish as a whole instead of fillets and steaks have more benefits. It offers cheaper prices and you can even get the freshest quality of whole red snapper fish.
Here are the reasons of why you need to purchase red snapper fish in a whole:
1.      Red snapper fish is delicious
Yes, of course! Red snapper fish is one of the most delicious seafood and you will not regretting experience its taste once in awhile. The sweet yet a bit nutty flavor of the red snapper responds so well with any fish recipes. You can look for any fish recipes and use the red snapper.
2.      Red snapper is a versatile fish
Red snapper meat is a very versatile fish meaning that it can be cooked in so many cooking methods that you want. You can grill it or baking, broiling, steaming, pan frying, poaching, or any cooking methods that you want to apply to prepare and serve the red snapper. Moreover, with just a simple seasoning, it can bring the flavor to the best.
3.      Red snapper can be purchased online or offline
Red snapper can be found in the whole world and you can buy it easily both from online suppliers or seafood market near your area. They are sold as fresh or frozen red snapper fish wholesale with different prices. If you want to buy bulk order then you can ask for cheaper price or for some discount.
4.      Red snapper packed with a lot of healthy nutrition
Just like any other fish, red snapper is also contains omega-3 fatty acids and they are packed with full nutrition of calcium, selenium, magnesium, protein, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin B12, and other minerals plus vitamins. These are the benefits of eat red snapper fish in a whole. The omega-3 fats can prevent cardiovascular diseases while the protein is good to build muscle tissue.
5.      Red snapper is low in calories and carbohydrates
Red snapper is not only rich in nutrition, but they also contain low calories level. Four ounces of uncooked or raw red snapper contains about 110 calories and it is considered to be low. Moreover, red snapper contain no saturated fats and low carbohydrates. If you are on weight lose diet, having meals rich in protein but low in calories and fats plus carbs is a must and red snapper fish is just one of them.
6.      Red snapper can replace your tuna and salmon as good alternative
Once in awhile, if you bored with tuna and salmon on your plate then as good alternative, you can eat red snapper. The sweet and nutty flavor of red snapper is delicious and they are also packed with nutrition contents. Red snapper can be cooked in many recipes and you maybe wonder how it will taste when you cook it with any salmon or tuna recipes. You can even eat the skin of the red snapper because the fish is purposely sold with the skin on even when you buy fillets. You can pan fry them for few minutes until the skin turn very crispy.
Despite being those obvious reasons of why you need to eat red snapper fish wholesale. You still need to pay attention to the mercury level of the fish. Pregnant women and children are better to avoid consuming red snapper due to the mercury content or you can eat the fish in moderate amount for safe consumption.
Where to buy red snapper fish wholesale?
There are two options where to buy red snapper fish wholesale: online and offline red snapper suppliers. Of course the first option is to locate fishmonger or fish suppliers near you. It will be easy to check red snapper at grocery stores or seafood market; however you may get small chance to buy freshest red snapper. If you live near the coast, you may get freshest red snapper right from the boat or fishmonger. You can ask them for fresh red snapper that are not previously thawed for several days.
When buying red snapper fish in a whole always check for:
-          The eyes, they should appear clear and bright without sunken look.
-          The texture, they should appear firm and tight. When you pressed the flesh, it will bounce back.
-          The skin, the skin and the scale should appear shiny and bright without any weird spots.
-          The smell, they should smell fresh. They are fish and thus they will smell fishy but it will smell like the ocean.
When you buy red snapper fish online, the most possible product you will receive is frozen red snapper wholesale. It is okay to purchase a fish online as long as the suppliers give you clear information of where they sourced the fish from and when they get the fish so you can make sure the fish is not old fish that being frozen. Once again, look for trusted red snapper fish wholesale suppliers when you order online.

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