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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Is Red Snapper High In Mercury?

Is red snapper high in mercury? Before you eat red snapper maybe you are wondering whether this warm water fish is safe to be consumed especially when you concern about the level of mercury in many types of fish. It is true that fish contain some amount of mercury level due to contamination on the ocean. Mercury itself can be a dangerous substance when you over eating it thus it is better for you to limit the fish amount consumption.

Is red snapper high in mercury?
Just like many types of fish, the red snapper does contain mercury. It is because red snapper is categorized as predatory fish that like to eat other smaller fish in the ocean. For your information, most of the fish in the ocean contain some amount of mercury. When the snapper feed on these fish then the mercury inside them will be accumulated. That’s why the bigger the predatory fish are the higher the mercury level inside them. Some people even does not recommend for people to eat large predatory fish such as shark because it contains really high amount of mercury, even more than red snapper fish.
Is red snapper high in mercury? Yes snapper contain mercury; however it DOES NOT that high. The mercury levels of red snapper it still in moderate amount just like mercury level in albacore tuna. Although the snapper contain moderate amount of mercury, but you still need to limit your consumption especially for pregnant women or breastfeeding and children.
Yes, we understand that omega-3 fatty acid which you can find in the fish is really important for pregnant women and breastfeeding plus the children. The omega-3 fatty acids are really good for the baby development during pregnancy and it also contributes healthy substances for women in breastfeeding. Meanwhile, omega-3 that contains DHA and EPA are important for brain development in children.
But, these small numbers of group still need to limit their consumption of fish including red snapper and better avoid eating fish with high mercury level like shark, king mackerel, and swordfish. However, you can still eat red snapper not more than four times a week in moderate amount.
What is mercury in red snapper fish?
After you understand about the answer of is red snapper high in mercury then you also needs to know what is mercury and why you need to avoid eating too much this substances. First thing first, there is always a big concern from the FDA about mercury level in many fish. But, they still recommend people to eat more fish because of the omega-3 fatty acids. Pregnant women, women in breastfeeding, children, and women who planned to get pregnant also need to consume omega-3 fats. It is because the fats are really essential particularly for pregnant women, infant, and children development.
Since the red snapper do contain omega-3 fatty acids then it is good to eat them as well. However snapper offers moderate amount of mercury just like albacore fish and thus snapper should not be consumed more than 6 ounces per week and for kids less than that. For example, for young child, they can only consume about 2 to 3 ounces of fish each week.
What is mercury? Mercury is an element that can be found in the oceans, lakes, and streams. The mercury will turn into methylmercury, it is an neurotoxin which can be found in the fish in small amount. However when the mercury is in higher level, the methylmercury can turns into harmful toxic which can give negative effect for body nervous system. In addition, because of the high mercury level, there are four types of fish that better to be avoided during pregnancy. Fortunately, the red snapper only contain moderate amount of mercury level thus you can still eat the fish.
3 reasons of why you should not need to be worried with mercury in red snapper fish
Since you now understand that the mercury level in red snapper is not that high and they are still considered to be safe for consumption then you also need to know more reasons of why you should not need to be worried with mercury in red snapper fish.
1.      Red snapper contains selenium which can protect against mercury levels inside the fish
In red snapper there is a mineral called selenium which useful to protect the brain. You need to know that when the mercury meets this selenium, they will bind irreversibly. This is mean that the mercury is not going to be absorbed by the body. The selenium and mercury will bind together and form new substances which hard for the body to absorb. That’s why, the mercury level in your body is likely will not harm your body.
2.      The fish that has higher selenium than the mercury is safe to be consumed
If the fish contains more selenium substances than the mercury level inside it then you can assume that they are safe to be consumed. Just like we mentioned before, the selenium will bind the mercury substances and then it will keep the mercury to not be absorbed by the body. The best news is that red snapper fish is also considered to have high level of selenium than the mercury and thus the fish is safe to be eaten. In fact, aside red snapper, there are still so many fish types which fine to be consumed due to the high level of selenium including salmon, shellfish, grouper, and many more.
3.      The health benefits of eating red snapper is greater than the risk of mercury inside it
One more reason of why you should not be worried about the mercury level inside red snapper is because red snapper is one of the best resources of important minerals, protein, and vitamins. Not to mention it also contain omega-3 fatty acids that really important for your body. So, the health benefit of consuming red snapper is greater than the risk of mercury inside it.
Now, after you read the reasons of why it is fine to eat red snapper and the answer of is red snapper high in mercury, you can happily consume the fish.

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