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Sunday 18 February 2018

How Old Are Red Snapper Max Age

You might want to know how old are red snapper can grow especially in the natural habitat at Mexico gulf where they grow and live. This red snapper is actually very well known in the Mexico gulf area. Furthermore, there are various fishermen that catching this fish for commercial purpose or for recreational purpose. This is the reason why; you often see this fish as a food fish that served in various restaurant. However, inside the natural ecosystem, this fish can grow older and it can be one of the top predators in the area. And it is also known as iconic fish from the Mexico gulf area. Now, let us see more about the live of this fish which make it able to grow old. 

How Old Are Red Snapper When They Reproduce and Move?
You should know that the red snapper is actually very similar with other kind of snapper especially for the body shape. As it is similar with lane snappers, mangrove snappers, mutton snappers, as well as dog snappers which has slopped shaped body. The size of the scales on their body is also large to medium sizing. But the dorsal fin has more spiny shape and the body is laterally compressed.
Before you know how old are red snapper, the first thing that you should see is their teeth as they have is sharp which appear like needle but they are also short in length. However, they do not own any upper canine teeth which usually available on lane snappers, mangrove snappers, mutton snappers, as well as dog snappers.
For the length of their body, they usually already reach 39 cm by the time they are mature. Then when they have grown into adult, they may grow to be 60 cm but actually they can still grow until 100 cm length. For the weight, is varied based on their sizes, but according to the record noted, the largest weight is on 38 kilos.
How old are red snapper when the color of their body is very red? The color of this snapper is usually red especially the light red one. However, this color has even more redder part which located on their back. When they are still younger they would have black dots which can be found in the side part of their body which is located under part where their anterior is located in their dorsal soft ray. But these dots will slowly fade away when they grow older, which is why; most of the time you would not even notice it.
This fish is usually grown in area near the bottom part of the ocean which usually around 9 meters in deep to the 60 meters in deep. But in several occurrences, they might also be found in 90 meters deep. In this area, they will hide on the rocks which located near the bottom part of the ocean, ledge, and ridge even on the artificial items that is down inside the ocean such as oil rig or even shipwreck.
Then how old are red snapper? Actually the red snapper can grow very old even older than 50 years. In fact the oldest red snapper that is ever recorded is already reaching 100 years old. When the red snapper is growing to be mature and older, then they will choose different place to stay. Especially since they already grow bigger thus they will need even bigger place to hide and their food is also different.
But when they release the eggs out, then it will float into the surface of the water. Then it will later hatch after 24 hours. Because they are hatching in the area that is more open, then their habitat is in the benthic area. But once they are bigger, they will start to move to deeper area which usually also used as oyster bed that is located in the low reef area. Then after a year they will move again to intermediate habitat area which still located in the reef. The next year they will be bigger again, thus they will also move again to higher habitat area in the reef as that area has bigger place for larger size fish.
But how old are red snapper when they life in the oil platform habitat. In this habitat, the way that they life is a little bit different. The smaller size one wills life in upper area that is near with the water column meanwhile the larger one will life in deeper area. But the larger size fish would never let the smaller size fish to come into their area. Then the largest size fish will go out into the open area on the reef and spread out more as they left this habitat. But even when they life in open area, the red snapper will move around in large size school. They will swim all around the reef within school which consists of red snapper that has similar sizing.
Then how old are red snapper when they start to reproduce? Actually they already able to reproduce once they are mature enough which is around 2 years in age. But when they grow older, then the amount of eggs that they produce is more than the younger one. Thus most of the time, the older red snapper will release more eggs compared to the younger one. Even though all of the red snapper is already able to release by the time they reach 2 years in age.
Those are all information about the red snapper from the way they life when they are younger until they reach adult. They will also change their habitat when they reach adult since they need bigger area to life. Thus sometimes it is not really that difficult to know how old are red snapper that living in a specific area. Especially, since once they grow bigger they will move to other places. Thus the red snapper which available in an area is usually in the same age as they usually live in area that has similar size fish.

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